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Thunderbolt SL Fat Tire EBike

Thunderbolt SL Fat Tire EBike

Designed to go anywhere, ride everywhere, and do it all with ease. Thunderbolt SL provides all of the trail manners that Fat Bikes are known for, while seamlessly accommodating Demons Turbo Technology. Its lightweight aluminum alloy frame and advanced MOZO suspension makes this modern fat bike agile, and versatile. Paired with Bafangs 500W Motor and Samsungs 48V / 16.75AH battery, Thunderbolt SL will allow you to ride hard on the trails without worrying about recharging for up to 60 km/ 37 mi.

Motor: 500W Rear Mounted Brushless Motor
Range: 50 km - 60 km/31 mi - 37 mi
Battery: 48V/16.75Ah Removable Li-ion Battery
Brake: Tektro (HD-E350) Hydraulic Disc Brake
Tires: Kenda 26" x 4" K1151
Weight Limit: 331 lbs




MOTOR: Rear Mounted Brushless motor. 500W output reaching top speeds of 32km/h

BATTERY: 48V / 16.75Ah with a 50-60km Range. This battery can be locked and unlocked by a key (2 included) and is easily removable without disconnecting any wires to facilitate charging.

GEARS: Shimano’s Altus 7 Speed rear derailleur. Used for on & off road bikes.

BRAKES: Tektro HD-E520 (Hydraulic). Open system, dual piston, sensor control design

Caliper: Forged Aluminum body.

COLOUR LCD CONTROLLER: 9 Speed Pedal Assist. Display can show Range, Trip in KM, Max Speed, Avg Speed, Trip Time

MOZO SUSPENSION: Spring coiled suspension fork, providing 90mm (3.5”) of travel. Load dials to control spring movement under pressure.

KENDA JUGGERNAUT FAT TIRE: 4” wide tire Inspired by the championship Milville 2 tire for tough grip on all terrains. Long lasting, fast rolling rubber has the versatility to withstand the toughest of trails.

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